Mobile app for pickup food

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Imagine that you desperately want to have a salad. And you have little time to order and receive it.

This concept is a clear solution where a user can select a salad or ingredients, pickup location, and get the checkout with payment.

What we did
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UX Analysis
Project preview

Product page design

On the salad screen, the user can see the full salad's description, weight, price, calories, etc. It's possible to delete any ingredient or add a new one. It’s useful if someone has an allergy to any ingredient.

We made the process of adding new ingredients maximally obvious, so when the user adds a new ingredient from the "Add to your salad" block, he will see the figures, which mean the amount of ingredients added. It will clearly show you how many ingredients were added. At the same time, it's possible to delete ingredients by a tap on the icon.

Product page image

Check out

We placed an order at the top of the screen, so it is always visible to the user. He shouldn't worry about the order or keep in mind what he has chosen at the previous step.

We also decided to add an "Add to your order" block to provide the possibility to add a drink or something else to the salad. It's a common pattern for food apps.

So, we provide a simple ordering process. The user is focused on filling the checkout data, and when he goes to the next step, we will show the status of the order to eliminate the user's fears about food expectation. An Order can be canceled with one button while food is being cooked.

Checkout screen image
Checkout screen image

Get your order

Firstly, the map helps the user to find the nearest restaurant and then easily get to the pickup point to receive a salad.

Order screen image

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