Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Bulletproofing product’s quality is key to success. Mitigate risks and ensure flawless performance with expert quality assurance testing services.
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QA as a service

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Automated Testing

Test automation as a service eliminates repetitive actions and improves quality assurance resulting in higher quality, resource efficiency and early bug detection.
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Manual Testing

With manual testing services, our experts capture defects automated tools might miss as their hands-on approach imitates real-world user interactions at maximum.
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QA Consulting

Expert quality assurance consulting helps business integrate QA in software development life cycle to deliver flawless, bug-free, and quality products under set requirements.
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API Testing

Quality assurance team makes sure that all your app programming interfaces meet necessary performance and reliability requirements.
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Functional Testing

Throughout functional testing, your quality assurance team checks how your app’s functionality performs, whether everything is intact, and meets set requirements.
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Performance Testing

Your offshore QA team will check how your app performs under different workload to ensure it works smoothly with many users when you go to production.
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Outsource Quality Assurance FOR

Avoiding bugs and breakdowns

Impeccable QA in software development lifecycle allows to detect unexpected bugs early and prevent any system breakdowns on production.

Top-notch user experience

Timely and scrupulous quality assurance services allow to detect any bugs and inconveniences that might ruin the experience and impression of your users.

Higher security

With comprehensive security testing running, we make sure your product is built following all crucial security standards and safety requirements.

Cost efficiency

Timely bug detection and fixing can save you from spending great amount of resources later on production, receiving negative user feedback, and stressing a lot.

Quality and reputation

Every brand’s reputation depends on its quality. Dedicated quality assurance experts on your team are working to make sure your user will be satisfied with the quality.


QA in software development life cycle

1. Planning

2. Design

3. Development

4. Testing & QA

5. Deployment

6. Launch

7. Support

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Our Professional Team


Why work with FTL


Going extra mile

We care about your product as much as you do. That’s why we always go extra mile to dive deep into your particular niche to discover any blind spots, risks and opportunities for your tech solution.

Partners, not vendors

We are not just another web development agency you work with. We are your partner who is completely involved into the project, takes responsibility for its smooth delivery and committed to make it a success.

Your dedicated team

With us, you do not get just tech expertise, you get an integral part of your team who adjusts to your projects needs, is flexible to any changes or requests, and is always in direct contact with you. We take care of the tech tasks, while you have time business ones.

Focus on result

We do not code just for the sake of coding, we make sure your product is running smoothly, your customers are satisfied and engaged. Simply saying, we focus on customers of our customers. Cause that’s what makes you happy.

Across time zones and languages

Forget about language or time inconveniences, as it’s been taken care of. We implement ongoing project monitoring, set up overlaps to be always in touch you and ensure smooth project performance. And English… it’s like our mother tongue.

Best tech & security practices

In our custom web development services, we follow only the best and the most recent tech and security practices to make sure the product we create is secure, user-friendly, scalable, and, effective.

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