Technology Advisory Services

Expert software consultancy services to support and advise businesses on crafting scalable and secure cutting-edge solutions.
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Digital consulting and software services

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Application modernization

Get a personalised software consultation tailored to your business needs to revitalize your digital product, integrate innovative solutions and best practices into it.
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Technology advisory services

Software consultancy services that leverage custom approach to tackle business’ technology challenges and build high-performative and fault-free products.
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Process and Cost Optimization

Let the experts find the ways to optimize your product development processes, increase resource efficiency to cut down the unnecessary spendings for your business.
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Audits & IT Assessments

Have digital solutions consultants run any necessary tech and business checkup of your product – from a business model audit to performance assessment and code review.
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Digital Transformation

With innovative technology consulting, we support businesses throughout their digital transformation journey, offering holistic approaches, ways for optimization, and crucial integrations.
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IT Strategy Consulting

Custom and expert tech strategy consulting tailored to your business needs. Together, we craft a vision of your future digital solution at its every stage – from ideation to its implementation.

Our portfolio

Have a look at FTL projects showcasing our design and software development expertise. Leveraging a product-oriented approach and focusing on the end-users, we craft customised solutions precisely tailored to meet our clients' unique needs.
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When you need tech consulting?

Outdated Software Quality

Tech experts help you find what hinders your product’s performance and quality to get all the necessary updates and fixes.

Lack of resources

To ensure your software runs smoothly, you need tech folk who will check on your product’s quality, respond fast to any failure and keep software updated.

Look for high efficiency

To stay on track, businesses need to keep their product updated, seek for industry best practices, and provide top-notch experience. That’s what technology business consultants are for.

Plan on scaling or migration

Whenever digital business is planning any changes, it’s essential to be prepared for upcoming challenges. Tech consulting is a way to detect and prevent the risks early.

Stand to competition

To stay on track, businesses need to keep their product updated, seek for industry best practices, and provide top-notch experience. That’s what technology business consultants are for.


Why work with FTL


Going extra mile

We care about your product as much as you do. That’s why we always go extra mile to dive deep into your particular niche to discover any blind spots, risks and opportunities for your tech solution.

360° Technology Expertise

With a wide domain know-how and cross-disciplinary experts on board, we provide a full-cycle product development consulting: from a code review by our CTO or a UX audit done by our design pals to a full software development cycle.

Your dedicated team

With us, you do not get just tech expertise, you get an integral part of your team who adjusts to your projects needs, is flexible to any changes or requests, and is always in direct contact with you. We take care of the tech tasks, while you have time business ones.

Focus on result

We do not code just for the sake of coding, we make sure your product is running smoothly, your customers are satisfied and engaged. Simply saying, we focus on customers of our customers. Cause that’s what makes you happy.

Across time zones and languages

Forget about language or time inconveniences, as it’s been taken care of. We implement ongoing project monitoring, set up overlaps to be always in touch you and ensure smooth project performance. And English… it’s like our mother tongue.

Best tech & security practices

In our custom web development services, we follow only the best and the most recent tech and security practices to make sure the product we create is secure, user-friendly, scalable, and, effective.

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