about us

We appreciate the curious and creative

Our values

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Trust is the most valuable asset of any company. The first is with our clients. If they know you are honest and direct with them, they usually want to work with you through challenges, and they won’t hesitate to be a referral source when things go well. 
 The second benefit is that people can trust each other to act honorably and fulfill their defined roles on a project assignment or company initiative according to shared company values.

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Get shit done

Speed matters in business. There is time to think carefully and plan, and there is time to act quickly.We understand what`s important to the business right now and deliver value accordingly.We would expect that everybody needs to be ingenious and figure out ways to get things doneFind out ways that can give spurts of growth.

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Act like an owner

Customer success is, ultimately your success. Great decisions that you make to help customers business will lead to great advancements both for your career and personal development. We believe that top performers are deeply involved in the customer's business and act as if it’s their own.

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Freedom and responsibility

We believe that the best, most innovative talent thrives for freedom. Those people are also usually self-aware and self-motivating. At FTL, we trust our employees to act in the interests of our clients and companies.

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Growth mindset

We are never down with learning. Everyone at FTL is given the opportunity for personal development and growth. It’s all about advancing, expanding, seeing potential in every moment, individual, failure, and success. A growth mindset will move us forward.

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It`s all about people

We think that people are more important than processes. We believe awesome colleagues more than anything else make a great workspace, and we hope you’d loveyour journey with FTL.

Our lifestyle

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Imagine that you can come to work with pleasure 

as if to meet friends. Give high-fives, have coffee, discuss the weekend and the weather, or just get behind your monitor. You can enthusiastically discuss and argue about technology at lunch, or you can comfortably write code sitting on a bean bag or at your own desktop or at home, or even at the beach club. We want your inspiration, brilliance, skills, not your servitude. You can go home in the evening, or you can stay for a beer or to play foosball with the others. You can work out together in the mornings, or compete with each other in the afternoons, and on weekends go with the team (and your family) on picnics, riding bikes, or take part in hackathons.

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You can share your experiences 

in knowledge-sharing talks, take part in webinars, be a mentor and at the same time you can develop your skills, go to conferences, take up courses. And you can write great code, work on smart solutions that will delight clients, and be on your own wave.You can share your ideas, and expect support and constructive feedback from the team. Here you’ll see no bureaucracy, no one micromanaging your work. You’ll have autonomy, flexible work schedule and direct responsibility towards clients.