Custom IoT solutions

Unlock custom IoT development services to help you build smart gadgets, transform analog products into digital ones, and create infrastructure for any IoT solution.
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Services for end to end IoT solutions

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IoT Consulting Services

Seasoned IoT experts will help you with planning and implementing your custom IoT solutions, building necessary processes and infrastructure, connecting and managing your smart devices.
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Prototyping & Design

Leverage IoT product design services to create IoT solutions reflecting your business needs and verify the feasibility of your concept before investing into a full-scale IoT development.
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Embedded software

Skilled IoT development team is here to build safe and reliable software for your custom IoT solutions and connected devices, ensuring they are meeting your business and performance requirements.
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Custom IoT Development

Working on end to end IoT solutions, get hold of full-cycle IoT development services from supporting low-level device projects to creating highly-advanced tech products.
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IoT App Development

Scalable native and cross-platform IoT applications that provide instant and unlimited access to data generated by smart devices while allowing you to manage the IoT solutions remotely.
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IoT data & analytics

Creating large-scale and complex IoT data management solutions to equip businesses with explanatory visualisation, analytics and data modelling from IoT devices.
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Our portfolio

Have a look at FTL projects showcasing our design and software development expertise. Leveraging a product-oriented approach and focusing on the end-users, we craft customised solutions precisely tailored to meet our clients' unique needs.
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Why choosing IoT solutions?


IoT-connected sensors can identify potential issues before they disrupt business operations, thus minimising maintenance expenses and downtime.

Seamless Monitoring

With IoT fostering an integrated environment for all your devices, keeping track of activities within your workplace becomes effortless.

Precise Analytics

IoT devices gather essential data, empowering business leaders to make well-informed decisions based on accurate insights.

Enhanced CX

By providing real-time diagnostics and analyzing historical data, IoT facilitates businesses in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Unified processes

With IoT device integration, your can unify your business infrastructure, services and apps to get one control point and speed up time-to-market.


Why work with FTL


Going extra mile

We care about your product as much as you do. That’s why we always go extra mile to dive deep into your particular niche to discover any blind spots, risks and opportunities for your tech solution.

Partners, not vendors

We are not just another web development agency you work with. We are your partner who is completely involved into the project, takes responsibility for its smooth delivery and committed to make it a success.

Your dedicated team

With us, you do not get just tech expertise, you get an integral part of your team who adjusts to your projects needs, is flexible to any changes or requests, and is always in direct contact with you. We take care of the tech tasks, while you have time business ones.

Focus on result

We do not code just for the sake of coding, we make sure your product is running smoothly, your customers are satisfied and engaged. Simply saying, we focus on customers of our customers. Cause that’s what makes you happy.

Across time zones and languages

Forget about language or time inconveniences, as it’s been taken care of. We implement ongoing project monitoring, set up overlaps to be always in touch you and ensure smooth project performance. And English… it’s like our mother tongue.

Best tech & security practices

In our custom web development services, we follow only the best and the most recent tech and security practices to make sure the product we create is secure, user-friendly, scalable, and, effective.

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