Redesign of the logistic service application

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The concept is the redesign of the Ukrainian logistic service application. Nova Poshta is a postal and courier company that provides express shipping of documents, freight, and parcels for individuals and businesses.

What we did
Mobile app
Project preview

Home screen redesign

I like the idea of the 4 squares on the home-hero screen because it looks simple and clear. Nevertheless, we reorganized the home-hero screen a little bit. We succeeded in improving the accessibility by placing the client's card at the bottom, so the thumb of the right hand can tap it much faster and easier. We also eliminated a large red space and made accents on the important UI elements only.

Home Redesign screen imageHome Redesign screen image
Home Redesign screen imageHome Redesign screen image

Find shippinng branch

“To be user-friendly” means to be friendly to the users on each screen, understanding their needs and goals. We designed a map section to help users find the nearest department of the Nova Poshta, pave the fastest route, and get or send the parcel.

Map Redesign screen imagesMap Redesign screen images

Payment screen upgrade

Sure, we redesigned the payment screen, and now it is possible to pay for the services using the application to improve the User experience, so you don't need to pay at the department. We placed a shipment that needs to be paid at the top of the screen, so it's very easy to notice it. It's always good when such information is located in a prominent place.

Payments screen image

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