Payment system with minimalistic design

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The concept is a payment system that allows the user to provide transactions in any way they prefer, including credit cards and bank accounts.

The challenge was to develop a payment system that reflects our vision of user-friendly and minimalistic payment system design.

What we did
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The dashboard displays information about the bank cards connected with the system and a table containing financial activities. It helps the user to review the latest transactions efficiently.

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Payment cards

The "Payment cards" page allows the user to add a new bank card to the payment system or remove it. There are all cards connected to the system by the user.

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The "Settings" page allows users to set up user profile data (password, email, living address, etc.) or edit it. The user can also create a strong and secure password, and the system will help him do it. To make it user-friendly, we added a status to the fields. If there is any error or success, the fields will be highlighted. Depending on the situation, the fields will notify the user if anything was typed wrong.

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It is an easy way to review the transaction in the system. There is information about the transaction and its status, which helps users fix the occurred issues. The user can easily check transactions by clicking it to understand the problem with the overdue transaction and fix it.

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