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Tie Up Farming is a provider of an adaptive SaaS CRM system for digital conversion and centralizing processes. It follows Global Gap requirements for farming companies in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

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Tie Up Farming is an agtech startup headquartered in Melbourne that entered the market in 2015. In 2017 the company received funding from the Australian accelerator SproutX while improving the product and cross-platform development. After this, the solution expanded its coverage to 3 largest regions at once. The firm continually transformed the platform based on the agribusiness requirements and Freshcare and HARPS standards. Due to this, The Foodtech 500 rating included the company's cloud software. Today, Tie Up Farming is a provider of technical solutions for the largest manufacturers on two continents summarily.
Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
2020 - Present
tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Customer Request

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Thank you for your email, I'm CTO of Tie Up Farming. We are constantly growing and currently looking for long a tester of the app for control and management of errors in the system is required. Probably, in future full-fledged support of the product will ne needed with its further development under the users’ requirements. Now, there are front-end and back-end and UX design. Can you help?
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Hi, sounds like we could catch up you here. We can provide QA for your project. For clarification of details we must know more about your existing decision and also fully revise the mobile app. Besides, we must understand requirements and tasks to the updated mobile solution. Having got access to the code and technical base and received information about the purposes, we can start operation.


  • Lack of precise requirements and discoordination of the development process
    At the moment of the project start the development was chaotical: fast growth with sufficient resources missing resulted into accumulation of problems in program code and architecture. It restricted possibilities of management and control of the development process.
  • Shortage of integration of the mobile application with the updated web platform
    TieUpFarming’s specialists tried to development of SaaS-system with offline support and responsive design on a mobile device for realization of farmers’ multichannel interaction. But in restricted time mode it did not bring the desirable result because of support complexity and many mistakes in the process of realization.
  • The mobile application does not provide full functionality in offline mode
    Remote work of farmers often takes place in areas with limited Internet coverage. Thus, some information about the progress in the fields can be lost without transferring to cloud storage. It complicates the control and accounting process, resulting in reduced transparency of transactions.




  • Team coordination through preparation and approval of technical documentation
    They were conducting coordination and approval of tasks in several rounds with their ranking by priority. It allowed coordinating the work of the team and enabled to speed up the implementation of the project in stages, and, as a result, to deliver the mobile application with the new functionality just in time.
  • Development of a new mobile product with interface redesign
    The development from scratch by Faster Then Light specialists a mobile application for Android in a new format with 24/7 integration with the web architecture of the system simplified the exchanging information process on continuous production activities. It led to solving the critical tasks of farmers to centralize the database directly in the field, which increased the demand for CRM among clients.
  • Implementation of application health technologies in offline mode
    Realization of storage and caching algorithms of the app data in the mobile device with integration and transfer to the back-end of the basic version allowed to solve the problem of information exchange with the web-application.



data types on processes in agribusiness in one click


among agricultural technologies in The FOODTECH 500 rating


Tie Up Farming received in funding from the SproutX accelerator.

Main features

Development of MVP of a new codes’ type in Web app for scanning

Only common types of QR codes, employee barcodes, were valid in the Tie Up Farming application previously. The emergence of a new potential customer of the SaaS system required the development of a new QR code type - the general barcode. Scanning of this code would allow tracking the harvest progress. The FTL team not only created an MVP for new codes types but also adapted the web application design to generate and track results with optimization for Front-End and Back-End CRM systems. It allowed improvement of the overall platform functionality to increase flexibility following the requirements of any agribusiness.

Development of MVP of a new codes’ type in Web app for scanning

Development of MVP of a new codes’ type in Web app for scanning

Optimization of мobile scanning barcodes user flow

The introduction of a new scanned codes type required the development of a new scanning function without declining efficiency for other QR codes. The FTL team did research and implemented new patterns in the application. As a result, a user received the functionality necessary for the business. It enabled the tracking of harvest process and sending reports to the CRM system even in case of scanning without an Internet connection. So, Tie Up Farming got a new subscriber and became a provider of technical solutions for the largest avocado producer in the Australian region.

Optimization of мobile scanning barcodes user flow

Optimization of мobile scanning barcodes user flow

Quality control system

Besides the harvest progress, Tie Up Farming customers also needed to monitor their fields remotely. FTL specialists have developed a Quality control form for this purpose. The user of the web application can select the indicators of interest for the state of crops or harvest in the fields through it. The generated checklist, which the responsible employee in the areas receives through the mobile application, is filled out and transmitted in the form of a report to the CRM system to the appropriate department. As a result, platform users can track the quality of rises, ripening, pest threats through a mobile application.

Quality control system

Quality control system

Mobile app design and development

We have developed the design and functionality for mobile services on iOS and Android OS for Tie Up Farming startup.


Task manager for employees

Our team has implemented the function of execution control for management tasks in fields depending on priority with the ability to track time and progress



Ground preparation

task manager screen


Bell injections


headline horizontal

Spray diary design

Our specialists have introduced the module interface design and provided function deployment in Android/iOS app with web integration

opened task
competed task

Clock in/Clock out

The module for creation, distribution, performance control, and calculation of work cost on timesheets of temporary employees in farms and yards


Tracking module customization

Our developers have created the design and progress tracking module logic on various task types for agrarians on iOS and Android.




Semantic Ui
React Router
Redux Thunk


Spring Boot
Spring Data
Postgres SQL


Android Sdk
Firebase Mlkit

Customer review

The team of FTL team delivered on a completed a website development and integration project which helped to set the company apart from the competition. We received a great end-product under challenging to circumstances.

Roei Yaakobi
Roei YaakobiCEO, Agricultural Startup

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