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Sharp Professional Realty Group is a digital real estate platform in Canada. That enables to receive the full range of services related to residential and commercial property in Calgary online right in one place due to cross integration with three services at once!

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Project preview


Sharp Professional Realty Group is a startup that entered the market in 2018 as a full-service real estate brokerage. The Faster Then Light team implemented the startup MVP as an online platform for the market's digital transformation, which would allow getting full service without involving realtors and other specialists. As a result, such a concept implementation allowed Sharp Realty visitors optimizing 9 out of 10 steps towards buying a dream property.
2018 - 2019
tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Customer Request

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Hi. We are a real estate brokerage company, and we have an idea for a platform to digitalize all processes and services in the residential and commercial property market. We know what we want to get and in what form. We need a team that would help us to bring the entire solution to the market. How could we receive your proposals for its implementation and project evaluation?
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Good afternoon. Firstly, we need to analyze the marketing and technical concept of the project. We require a full description of your ideas, digital product's requirements (both from your and the future user's sides), and a list of future functionality you'd like to have. Only after that we can compose a set of tasks and estimate the implementation cost. What means of communication you'd prefer to share the information promptly?


  • Shortage of roadmap and project structure

    The lack of clearly formulated and spelt out goals, tasks and requirements did not enable the full project visualization. Thus, it was impossible to distribute tasks by priority, urgency and importance, which significantly slowed down the work of the entire technical team.

  • Lack of up-to-date, proven real estate database

    Considering the critical task of the platform in the maximum diversification of offers to users, Sharp Realty was missing an objects' database. The undersupply of database became more significant due to the obsolescence of information in the case of manual data uploading to the system.

  • Deficiency of the management system of the clients, users and realtors data

    After the integration, the company received an extensive list of objects, which required the administration of information about clients, sellers and realtors. Working with each base separately significantly slowed down the progress of managers. As a result, the customers were leaving without a deal.




  • Development of project technical documentation

    A precise formulation of project requirements, goals and objectives in the order of their relevance enabled the streamlining and speeding up the process of developing an online platform. As a result, IT specialists clearly understood the scope of work based on KPIs. It reduced the number of collisions and increased the entire team's efficiency.

  • Integration of Sharp Realty with MLS database

    The integration of the service with the MLS data API, Google Maps API, Directions API allowed offering users a wide range of verified, legal objects in real-time. It also solved the updating problem, since buyers always saw the sold items at the moment of the search, without outdated offers.

  • Development and implementation of a universal administration panel

    The introduction of a unified administration panel helped to significantly simplify the process of moderating the database of real estate, buyers, sellers and realtors interested in selling. It allowed managers to speed up the procedure of processing customer requests and automate the operation of conducting transactions.



Implemented cross-integration systems instantly to update data 24/7


Simultaneous display of information about objects on the map at once


The total funds savings for sellers on commissions when using the platform


Custom cross-filtering characteristics directly with information authentication in the MLS database

Main features

Customizing custom property search

Considering that the process of buying real estate is time-consuming and complex in its procedures, FTL specialists have developed an adaptive search system. So, after a user had selected the filtering characteristics, the map displays all offers, where a user could get more detailed information and even mortgage calculations for a particular object by click. Besides, we saved the history of filtering and requests with multichannel notification about new proposals or actions about the selected item for all users. It allowed bringing the majority of users to deal with the help of Sharp Realty.

Customizing custom property search

Customizing custom property search

Map of real estate objects available for viewing

Given the specifics of the Canadian real estate market, the properties for sale have a strictly defined viewing visit time. FTL specialists have developed and implemented the function of displaying objects, that you can see on the map for purchase purpose. Also, each user could select several points of interest at the same time, through which the system independently created a map for convenient visits, which you can upload to the navigator. It helped to maximally bind the client to the platform and to the managers who guide the selected objects to close the deal.

Map of real estate objects available for viewing

Map of real estate objects available for viewing

Responsive real estate seller’s account

Sharp Realty’s focused on not only modernizing the purchasing processes but also meeting the needs of sellers. For this purpose, the FTL team has created an adaptive seller’s account, which allowed selling via a realtor, who would satisfy the needs of a seller. It reduced the percentage of the intervention of the brokerage company’s specialists, while maximally binding sellers to the platform.

Responsive real estate seller’s account

Responsive real estate seller’s account




DevOps & Infrastructure

Ruby on Rails
G-Maps API
G-Directions API


Postgres SQL

Customer review

The team as delivered on a complicated website development and integration project which helped to set the company apart from the competition. We received a great end-product under challenging circumstances

Ryland Thiel
Ryland ThielCreative Direrctor

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