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Setter is a startup in PropTech sphere that is a hydride platform for house management through a single point of interaction with all services and experts.

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In 2016 Guy Laliberte and David Steckel initially founded Setter as the ProTech startup in Toronto. In the beginning, they represented the platform as a mobile app, but after cooperation with FasterThanLight, the company offered users the web area. In 2017, in Seed Round of REACH Canada program of the venture fund Second Century Ventures, the startup got first investments for the development. In October 2020, Setter was selected as one of 8 accelerator companies in Funding Round. At present, the company provides services in the USA and Canada.
USA, Canada
2017 - Present
tech stack
Rust, Node.js, Kotlin, Android Sdk, Firebase ML Kit

Customer Request

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Hello. We represent the startup in the service sector of US and Canadian households. We have a mobile app, but we are going to broaden interaction points with the audience. Therefore we want to create the web page with advertising pages for different categories of our users. We are looking for a specialist or a team because in future we are going to perform a lot of works for scaling out the platform and introducing new functions. Will it be interesting to work and what is necessary to begin?
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Hello, indeed, we can lease a specialist for your project. Now we must understand the specific pool of tasks and existing technical capabilities. For this purpose, we need all accesses to the app infrastructure. Can we communicate directly in Slack for operative connection?


  • Absence of additional access channels to the platform

    Setter entered the market as the mobile app for household servicing. But even in terms of high demand for PropTech services, the company did not cover the whole potential market of users that reduced possibilities for the growth of the startup.

  • Increase of load on the platform

    Multichannel interaction increased load on the system, as a result of which the fault tolerance index and users service rate reduced. Such functioning of the apps might create a negative reputation for Setter project and, consequently, might drive away a part of the audience.

  • Technical servicing complexities of the startup

    They built a platform initially based on Rust that complicated the scaling process. Work with obsolete code slowed down the development of Setter because of complicated servicing of the project architecture and insufficient arrangement of technical documents.




  • Development of multichannel interaction system

    FTL specialists created a landing page for the startup to attract attention to the product and demanded to develop a web version of the platform: both for clients and masters. Such a multichannel access strategy allowed attracting up to 40% of new users and extend the company's coverage of US and Canadian markets.

  • Migration of the platform to GoogleCloud

    Transfer of Setter to the new server, including the integration of the app from GoogleCloudVision, permitted to optimize the operation of the platform and make it more sensible to clients' inquiries. It improved user experience and strengthened loyalty to the service.

  • Copying of the platform from Rust Legacy to Node

    Full upgrading of software basis of the project for more modern programming language Node allowed simplifying maintenance of all company's services, arranging technical documentation and performing refactoring easier. It improved controllability of the platform and provided more opportunities for the introduction of new functions.



Years of experience of the setter team on construction and household management


Repair and household maintenance services platform permits to manage


Finananced by investors Due to participation in Reach CANADA 2020 accelerator, the startup

Main features

Development of the unified platform management system

As a result of the implementation of the multichannel interaction strategy, the process of control and servicing users' inquiries gets complicated. FTL specialists developed a universal administration panel that permits monitoring users' queries quickly and conveniently 24/7. Setter managers could manage the priority of orders, working schedule, and service client's requests faster. As a result, managers' load with routine works decreased, and the productivity of the startup team increased.

Development of the unified platform management system

Development of the unified platform management system

Functionality extension of client payment form

Setter includes more than 100 household repair and maintenance services; many of them require to carry out works with the purchase of construction materials or components. Earlier, the company had to purchase the required list of materials at its own expense, which was frozen in service until completion of the order. Introduction of the deposit system into the payment form with the preliminary calculation of necessary costs for purchase and reservation of expenses on the service is a solution to the problem. It simplified the working process and saved large funds of the company.

Functionality extension of client payment form

Functionality extension of client payment form

Personalization of the companys' services to geolocation filters

As the startup operates simultaneously in 2 countries, earlier, the Setter offered services for all regions, ignoring individual needs of households. It complicated choice of necessary tasks and users could be confused while using the app. FTL specialists developed the service selection algorithm based on the users' IP. Due to the integrated option, a user from the USA and Canada, first of all, gets offers, considering geolocation, household problems typical for climate, and actual user inquiries of a specific location. As a result, services were personalized without the development of separate platforms for every country.

Personalization of the companys' services to geolocation filters

Personalization of the companys' services to geolocation filters



Express JS
Styled Components




Mongo DB
Postgres SQL




React Native

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