PaaS solution for nail service providers and clients

POLISHEDclub is a PaaS solution for remote interaction between nail service providers and clients, which helps to optimize the ordering and serving processes in real-time.

What we did


POLISHEDclub is a startup that has been accompanied by the FTL team from idea to MVP. The Hong Kong-based project aimed to simplify the treatment procedures following the “Uber for X” model. The project has been completed, though not launched for the company’s internal reasons.
Hong Kong
2016 - 2017
tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Customer Request

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Hello, I would like to market the concept and test a hypothesis I’ve been overthinking longtime. For now, I am looking for tech professionals who can bring it to life. Briefly, we want to create a beauty startup similar to UBER for manicure services, where our company will be a mediator between clients and masters. We require the development of both web platform and mobile application with a comfortable management system.
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Good afternoon. Yes, we can develop both web platform and mobile app with a diversified user cabinet. We’d like to know more about your vision regarding concept and marketing goals. Could we discuss the details in Slack to structure the requirements and provide you with our offer rapidly?


  • Lack of user management system

    The platform development was based on implementing of the two-channel interface: for clients and masters. Interaction within the SaaS model required a flexible system for management and administration to improve user experience and sustained demand for service.

  • No options to track users' location

    Attracting a larger number of both manicurists and clients required the fastest possible order acceptance without waiting for confirmation. Shortage of integration with online maps and geolocation transfer functions could lead to users to the users lose as a result of a negative experience with the application.

  • The threat of non-payment for services

    The absence of an online payment system caused potential difficulties in paying for services in cash on the spot: a master could have no change, conversion of services tariffication without agreement with a manager, etc. Besides, it would complicate the control over the operation from POLISHEDclub.




  • Development of a multi-level access system with priority administration

    The FTL specialists built the multi-level access system with order administration option from the side of POLISHEDclub. It allowed introducing a flexible control tool for company managers, with the help of which orders would be distributed according to priority, proximity, cost and other criteria.

  • Integration of GPS-tracking system

    Introduction of a system for constant data geo-transmission enabled optimizing the order acceptance system to offer the maximum workload for masters, and users - tracking the specialists’ movement online for manicure services. It reduced the risk of losing customers and improved the process of distributing the workload among the performers.

  • Implementation of a cashless payment system

    Integration with the payment system for automatic non-cash payments would significantly increase user loyalty to the application, as well as create the most controlled and secure payments from the platform.



months from idea to the product ready for launch


types of custom functions


for the entire product development


languages support: English and Chinese

Main features

Development of dispatching solutions

We built dispatching algorithms, which consider the peculiarities of food demand and offers from masters on the platform. Thus, the client can choose either one specific service or a combined one. Flexible subscription model provides customers with a broader choice even among a limited list of services: depending on the order urgency and other premium features.

Development of dispatching solutions
Development of dispatching solutions
Order routing

To reduce production and time costs for manicurists without compromising on-time customer service, FTL specialists have implemented an order routing function. So, the master could receive orders directly in the existing service area. And customers were served by a specialist from the nearest locations. Besides automated algorithms, a POLISHEDclub manager could manually rank orders and distribute masters among priority orders. It allowed managing priority, which enabled the business to achieve its goals.

Order routing
Order routing
A flexible and stable system of data exchange operations

The projects specific was a large volume of executable scenarios: from the sides of working with master, clients and management of project specialists. The FTL developers built API based on the maximum load and the number of requests processed to ensure the highest resilience of the SaaS platform and the smooth operation of web and mobile applications.

A flexible and stable system of data exchange operations
A flexible and stable system of data exchange operations


Ruby on Rails
Postgres SQL
Postgres SQL
Circle CI

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