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PlayPass NV is a PaaS platform for online interaction of organizers of events, festivals, and concerts with the team or the public based on RFID and NFC technologies.

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PlayPass NV (PlayPass Ltd) was founded in Antwerp by David De Wever and Dale Hofkens as an event team management service using electronic bracelets. From 2012 to 2018, the project raised over $ 6.3 million in funding through accelerators and business angels.
Antwerp, Belgium
September 2019 - March 2020
tech stack
Ruby on Rails, Apollo GraphQL Server, Postgres SQL, Sidekiq, Redis, React, Apollo GraphQL Client, Bootstrap

Customer Request

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Hi. Colleagues have recommended your team to us. You seem to have experience in Event & Tech. We need a full-stack developer to optimize, refine, and improve the catering functionality on our festival service platform. Can you help?
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Hi. Yes, we worked with the events very closely. There are guys of the required skill level. Let's take a closer look at what you want to do, in what terms? What is the most convenient way to share your ideas and show the project?


  • Lack of roles and access modes
    The basic format of the module made it possible to create only typical system access without additional functionality or permission restrictions. It complicated the process of ordering catering and saving data in other system sections.
  • Weak system of user access protection
    With the branching of modes and powers, it was required to strengthen data exchange protection and encrypted user information.
  • Lack of menu segmentation
    To satisfy the rider of the teams serving the festival, the menus and culinary positions had to be optimized for the individual preferences of each team member at the festival, and their order through the module had to be automated.




  • Creation of a hybrid system of module access
    FTL specialists wrote their own algorithms to implement a hybrid access system, which allowed the provision of basic roles depending on user privileges and customize individual permissions for each user by the event organizer.
  • Implementing user authentication
    After optimizing the roles, the development team implemented authentication technology to maximize connection and access security by logging the authorization process.
  • Catering order customization
    FTL engineers implemented a customized menu that made it possible to select positions for each day of the festival, considering the amount, meal period, number of servings for each member of the team, as well as cooking preferences (vegan, sugar-free, etc.). The complex order was automatically transferred to the organizers of the festival for ordering from the service company.



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Main features

Implementing hybrid system RoR + React on the UI side of the platform

To optimize network speed, request processing, and fast rendering of module pages by dynamic components, FTL specialists performed server-side rendering for a React application using Ruby on Rails. It optimized the process of working with applications in terms of constantly changing infrastructure and reducing the operational load on the server in further scaling the platform.

Implementing hybrid system RoR + React on the UI side of the platform

Implementing hybrid system RoR + React on the UI side of the platform

Optimization of app and module development with Apollo GraphQL

In deploying new modules, the project management decided to abandon the use of Rest in the API completely. To improve the usability of the system, increase the flexibility of the data exchange process, and increase the efficiency of collaboration between front-end and back-end teams, the FTL developers transferred the platform to a GraphQL converter.

Optimization of app and module development with Apollo GraphQL

Optimization of app and module development with Apollo GraphQL



Apollo GraphQL Client


Ruby on Rails
Apollo GraphQL Server


Postgres SQL

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