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Kruze is an advanced online promotion and customer engagement platform for a consulting company in over ten states in the USA.

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Kruze started as an accounting outsourcing company in 2010. Kruze expanded the services range when the first customer requests took place. Following, the system for interaction with customers also scaled. Now the Kruze platform is the primary source of information in the field of accounting and vendor capital for business, providing a complex of services in 8 main areas with a team of 27 specialists. Over the years of practice, the company has managed to attract more than $ 8 million in venture capital for startups, and save more than $ 5 million in clients through the use of tax incentives. Today the company has offices in 5 states, and Kruze's clients' list includes such market leaders as Avochato, Superhuman, Emburse.
2015 - Present
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Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, React, Elasticsearch, Postgres SQL

Customer Request

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Good afternoon. We are a financial consulting company that covers 8 US states. Now we want to automate our processes and streamline all reporting and database work. We already have a site for attracting an audience, and a system linked to the site. We need to eliminate all bugs and implement a range of new functionality. Could you help with the development of our project? If yes, what should we provide?
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Good day. To evaluate the project, view errors and propose solutions shortly, we need to understand what specific result you want and what you do already have. We need full description, even in simple words about what and in which place you want to upgrade. Right now, we can discuss the general concept of the project and your marketing goals while the developers look at the technical side. Will it be convenient for you to switch to Slack or another system of interaction about projects?


  • Errors in the project's technical organization
    The basic website version with the system was supported "on-demand". There was no regular monitoring and improvement of the code and the technical side of the platform. It complicated the process of interaction with clients, and also significantly muddled the work organization of the consulting company's specialists.
  • Lack of automation for interaction with financial institutions
    50% of the work of the company's specialists consisted of interaction with financial institutions, which took a lot of time due to manual processing of information and overload of routine processes: collecting details, data for access, information on accounts. This reduced overall team productivity and slowed down work.
  • Shortage of databases systematization for various clusters
    The work of a consulting company was significantly complicated because most of the information was stored on electronic media in different Excel or Google Sheets files. As a result of such a spread, some data was lost, financial analytics and other work were more complicated. At the same time, the company could not scale its activities due to the broad array of unprocessed information.




  • Streamlining technical processes and project redesign
    To simplify the process of interaction with customers, and to maximize the work of Kruze specialists, we developed a system for formulating tasks for developers. The current platform has been systematized thoroughly: by customers, requests, services, user access as a result of updating the technical side of the project and the interface.
  • Development of functionality for simplified interaction with banks
    FTH specialists have integrated with banking user interfaces for quick access to payment instruments directly from the system. It simplified and accelerated the process of financial transactions, and also ensured the minimization of the specialists' amount of errors as a result of the human factor.
  • Creating a clustered database
    As a result of the introduction of a user database with the systematization of information in various clusters and areas, the company managed to significantly simplify the process of data processing for financial analytics and forecasting directly from one system. Besides, the degree of information protection increased due to restrictions on access rights.



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Main features

Financial Package Development

Earlier the company’s specialists spent a lot of time for the creation of personalized monthly financial reports for every individual client. Design of the generation function of such documents with data import from QuickBooksOnline allowed automating the preparation process of Financial Package for every separate company with an automatic mailing that significantly decreased operational time of accountants and analytics of Kruze.

Financial Package Development

Financial Package DevelopmentFinancial Package Development

Financial reporting system

Most of the financial documentation was previously prepared by specialists manually, relying on figures and data from various documents, reports, invoices and other sources of financial information. We implemented the customer cards cross-integration with the ability to view all data directly in the card and export it to the necessary reports. It allowed us to optimize the work system maximally. At the same time, the company significantly reduced the risk of errors in documentation due to the human factor, thereby fully protecting clients from fines, and itself from losing cooperation contracts.

Financial reporting system

Financial reporting systemFinancial reporting system

Formation of the unified database for identification and analytics of financial information

Tracing and keeping transactions for every individual start-up is one of the most routine tasks in bookkeeping management. Creation of the unified library of identification rules from Quickbooks allowed optimizing tracing financial flows for every specific account. Library Kruze Keeper comprises and is continuously supplemented with rules with assigned key requests ranged by success rate for every separate vendor. The development algorithm of new rules includes an assessment of the availability of similar rights, their rating and other parameters. Kruze Keeper’s development permitted to automate accounting and registration of transactions and significantly reduce the time for their tracing.

Formation of the unified database for identification and analytics of financial information

Formation of the unified database for identification and analytics of financial informationFormation of the unified database for identification and analytics of financial information



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