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Herokey is an online solution for smart communication between event organizers and visitors, which allows the promotion of events in a digital environment 24/7.

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Herokey has been on the market since 2016. At that time, the initial goal of developing the event marketplace in Berlin was launching and promoting annual music festivals of a particular organizer in Germany. The company grew its ambitions and began attracting other event makers, both in the German region and outside the country.

In 2018, the platform became a springboard for clients from South Africa, while actively developing work with new organizers from Europe. Today Herokey has more than 150 events of various sizes with an audience of over 100 thousand visitors and ticket purchase transactions worth over 5 million euros per occasion.
2016 - Present
tech stack
Ruby on Rails, Vue.js

Customer Request

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Hello. We are a small Berlin company that has developed an event marketplace prototype with essential functions tailored to the client and the basic needs of their consumers. We are now looking for a permanent development team that will take over the support and scale the platform's capabilities. The current team, which cannot continue leading the project for several reasons, recommended you as ambitious guys with an excellent technical background and skills. Are you able to take our project considering a scalable approach and long-term development?
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Hi. Of course, we exactly specialize in digital solutions of such areas. Let's see what you have at the moment regarding code and technical lines. To evaluate a working prototype, we need to know your current business objectives, the needs of your customers and their users, and understand what you are striving for. We can transfer all interaction to Slack for quick communication, and we will announce the details with our proposal after a series of calls.


  • Lack of a transparent development system and the presence of errors in the code.
    At the time of the prototype launch, there was no system for setting goals, interaction, development. As a result, an impressive technical debt with outdated code and, consequently, a large number of bugs has accumulated.
  • The system is not ready to work with new clients.
    They adapted the initial platform version for access by only one festival organizer with its promotions and tasks. The development of the project required attracting new event makers, which needed the creation of a more flexible system, where each event would not depend on the settings of others in terms of time/payments/promotion.
  • Low payment activity of users.
    Due to the peculiarity of electronic tickets and their use as a means of payment at festivals, it could only carry out account refills through the payment form of the event marketplace. But visitors bought tickets and used the refill function rarely due to integration with only one provider and payment system, which reduced the monetization of the event.




  • Optimization of development processes and streamlining of the software base.
    To solve the problems, we involved QA and PM, who identified errors and supervised their elimination through the correct tasks assignment in Jira and Slack. We defined the project objectives and built a strategy with a step-by-step detailed progress plan.
  • Changing the architecture of the event marketplace.
    Modification of the web application structure so that each event does not affect the settings and parameters of third-party organizations. So, each new event maker could create an occasion for the required dates, locations, user settings, and generate reports without intersecting with others. To speed up the work, we performed a transfer to a cloud DBMS.
  • Improvement of the payment acceptance system.
    To meet the needs of users, we carried out integration with several electronic payment systems: Klarna, PayPal, Secure EFT, as well as payment by cards of the most popular international payment systems. Moreover, our team implemented instant synchronization for quick receipt of funds for the bracelet-ticket.



Covered 14 states in Europe and South America


events have already been successfully held


Maximum visitors registered on one festival


Euro in transactions processes over the weekend

Main features

CRMs for events managing detailed customizations

After changing the marketplace architecture, there was a need to customize the panel in such a way that all settings of the festival would automatically display in the visitor's page. So, numerous settings and functions allow you to organize an event entirely according to the tasks of the event maker. As a result, the user can get a ticket of different access levels in the personal account, sell or change a card, top up the balance in real-time with its instant upload to the bracelet. The visitor can view the history of transactions and purchases, and receive additional bonuses from the organizers during the event. The organizer can upload event reports using custom filters and parameters, considering the information from all visitors' tickets.

CRMs for events managing detailed customizations

CRMs for events managing detailed customizations

Customizable and embeddable ticket shop

With the development of the admin panel for individual event organizers, there was a need to create a custom panel for issuing tickets for visitors. The FTL team has developed a customizable ticket dashboard where organizers can create promotional codes, special offers, control the number of tickets and access levels (ticket types). Also, the managers run partner offers that a visitor can receive for the balance on the ticket bracelet. At the same time, there are options to automatically synchronize ticket stores with all organizers' offices on the event maker side and to upload to third-party platforms for sale in just two clicks.

Customizable and embeddable ticket shop

Customizable and embeddable ticket shop

Accreditation tool for managing crews and guests

Although the organizer's admin panel and ticket store have a comprehensive, customizable functionality, it did not allow issuing access cards for staff serving festivals or VIP guests. The problem solution was a development based on Vuetify to simplify the interface of a separate control panel for working teams, that ensured managing tickets with customizable access levels for locations and entertainment. Its availability allowed the organizers to distinguish between visitors and groups, check-in guests by categories and zones, and also upload flexible reports with information about the team.

Accreditation tool for managing crews and guests

Accreditation tool for managing crews and guests





Ruby on Rails


Postgres SQL




Travis CI



Customer review

The team at Faster Than Light is friendly and well-rounded. They act as though they’re an extension of the client’s internal team rather than an outsourced service provider. Customers can expect trustworthiness and strong communication skills.

Ivo Hammer
Ivo HammerCo-Founder Herokey

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