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ClickHook is a workflow and lead management service based on the experience of interacting with the UX of client products.

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ClickHook entered the market as a web service in 2014. In early 2017, after the release of the mobile application in the initial version for iOS and Android, the service went public. In 2018, the project went through a successful rebranding stage, and the web service received a new name - truLeads. Since 2019, the company has moved into the insurance niche to provide a better experience of customer interaction with the business thanks to solutions already under a new brand, Trufla, mobile solutions remained online under the original ClickHook name. They became additions to existing services for regular customers.
Calgary, Canada
2018 - 2019
tech stack
Android Sdk, Kotlin, Java, Retrofit2, Dagger2, Glide, Firebase Mlkit

Customer Request

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Hello, you were recommended as a reliable development company. We need to add new functionality to the existing mobile application. We need to fit into deadlines with a small budget and fix a large number of existing bugs. Can you help us with that?
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Nice to meet you, David. My name is Denis. From now on, you are in good hands. Let's discuss it in more detail. Please elaborate on your needs so that we can align with your budgets and timeframes.


  • Rebranding the service
    Taking into account the changes in the name of the project, it was required to create a unique marketing package for applications that would reflect the main values and capabilities of the service on mobile devices.
  • Create interactive visual effects
    As a result of the redesign, it was required to add dynamism in both versions of applications to the main screens: registration, login, greetings, calendar, messaging, work processes, customer cards.
  • Implementation of additional functionality into the user interface
    The expansion of application capabilities needed to be strengthened with FAQ blocks, data commutation by lead groups, a search bar, synchronization of lead data from external sources, and integration with a custom calendar.
  • Optimization of the language base due to changes in iOS 12/Android 9
    The introduction of new functions and the growth of the application architecture required an increase in service performance on mobile devices, considering the requirements of software platforms.




  • Development of a unique design and optimization of the user journey
    FTL specialists completely updated the presentation of the application on iOS and Android: fixed restrictions, finalized desktop variations, improved customer maps and task pages to meet the requirements of the service audience.
  • Implementation of interactive mockups
    FTL designers improved the functionality and effectiveness of the layouts of 11 pages of the application: for both Android and iOS versions of applications, taking into account the flexibility of navigation, the intuitive clarity of options and sections, as well as modern trends in the bundle of events within applications.
  • REST API Application Architecture Changes
    The FTL team has updated the algorithms for processing user requests in 19 key areas of application work. The developers added new features for users through cross-system synchronization of the application with third-party services and setting up ClickHook integration with internal user servers.
  • Migrating applications to the updated language platform
    Mobile developers migrated the application to Swift 4.2 to meet the requirements of the iOS12 system and eliminated conflicts and slowdowns in the performance of the Android application through script optimization.



hours of team work for fully app update


fixed bugs and errors


rendered layouts from scratch

Main features

Implementing custom settings

The data management system for team roles, leads, SMS, and e-mail campaigns should take into account user preferences and choices. FTL specialists have developed a cyclical algorithm, which will rely on basic filters and system presets while preserving account data and access modes in the absence of user choice.

Implementing custom settings-description-image
Implementing custom settings

Deploying an API to create a flexible and modifiable FAQ block

The FAQ block of applications should take into account current issues, and also be changeable with the prospect of growth and development of the application's functionality. FTL engineers integrated an API that allowed editing the FAQ block at the request of the service owners without the constant involvement of mobile developers.

Deploying an API to create a flexible and modifiable FAQ block-description-image
Deploying an API to create a flexible and modifiable FAQ block

Omnichannel history of interaction with leads

The FTL team has integrated a consolidated customer contact history form directly into the lead profile for ease of user search, tracking hierarchy of interactions, and flexible scheduling. So, an authorized employee of the company could always track the date of the last interaction, the channel of interaction, and a short summary of the result of the contact.

Omnichannel history of interaction with leads-description-image
Omnichannel history of interaction with leads

Creation of a single dashboard for each employee

To optimize interaction with leads, FTL specialists created a single dashboard for contacts with current leads. So, within the panel, the authorized employee could track the progress of work with the lead, see the latest contacts from the resume, receive reminders of actions concerning the lead. The design of the panel was carried out considering the trends of nativeness and color concentration.

Creation of a single dashboard for each employee-description-image
Creation of a single dashboard for each employee



Android Sdk


Firebase Mlkit

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